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COVID VACCINATIONS at Lathom House Surgery

Dear Patients

The Team at Burscough Family Practice will be providing vaccinations for patients in the Burscough Area. Our team will be at hand to help.

Hotline: Tel: 01704 776099

Venue: Lathom and Burscough Old peoples Club. Lord street, Burscough. L40 4BZ (where we did our Flu Vaccines)

How to book: You will be selected for vaccination based on national criteria addressing those at higher risk first.

You will either receive a text phonecall or letter inviting you to make an appointment.

This information will be updated regularly.

Please keep checking the website for updates.



In line with the changes in guidance we will be deferring the 2nd dose from 21 days to 11 weeks.

If you have had one dose of the vaccine the evidence is that there is a good level of protection conferred after just one dose. Given the rate of spread of the pandemic the aim is now to get as many people as possible to have a first dose

You can read more here:


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